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PT. Pyridam Farma Tbk. (Supplier Obat dan Vitamin Unggas)

The Journey
Pyridam was established in 1976 by Mr. Sarkri Kosasih, a well-known person in pharmaceutical industry by then. The name Pyridam was inspired by the phenomena of Pyramids - one of the oldest Wonders oh the World. Pyridam started by distributing veterinary medicines. Shortly, Pyridam began manufacturing its own-formulation animal health products, and a three-story factory building was built. It worked very closely to help farmers to develop advanced animal husbandry for that time. The work received recognition from the government, and Pyridam was awarded the title "Partner with Good Performance" in 1994 by the Ministry of Agriculture.

In 1985, Pyridam established its Pharmaceutical Division, which develop quickly. Accelerated improvement enabled Pyridam to build a brand new production plant on 35,000 sqm land in Cianjur, West Java, with state of the art design, machinery, and environmental management. The plant started its operation in April 2001. In late 2000, the management leadership was passed from Mr. Sarkri Kosasih to Mr. Handoko Boedi Soetrisno. Under new leadership, Pyridam opened up its ownership to the public, which proves that Pyridam complies with the overall conditions of a healthy and professional company.

As One Of Listed Company We Have To Resuming Our Vision And Mission. With This Vision And Mission We Would Like To Attracting Investor
  • Vertically and horizontally established in national and global market as one of the host company with good networking

  • Listed in 10 best pharmacy company in Indonesia who give well investment return

  • Being a well known OTC distributor in the market

  • Mission
    Serving national, regional and international community with inovative and high quality product to eager better life with better body health and mentally health.

    The Facility
    Our head office is located in the city of Jakarta, in a three-story office building on 3,000 sqm land. Our production facility is located in Puncak, a highland 90 km away from Jakarta. The factory building has a floor space 18,333 sqm and is situated on 35,000 sqm land. The building is butfitted with modern equipment and complies with he highest standards for pharmaceutical industry, such as standards in Good Manufacturing Practice, and environmental protection (AMDAL).

    We have enough capacity to produce hundreds of millions tablets, caplets, capsules, bottles of liquid medication,dry-syrup powder, creams and ointments annually. This ensures enough supply for our aggressive marketing growth.
    In addition to this, we have designed and built the facility and its systems to enabled rapid production increases that we nticipate in the near future. The area that surrounds our factory guarantees ample work-force supply. In other words, we are ready to expand at any time.

    PT. Pyridam Farma Tbk
    d/a PT. Madasal Aceh Prima
    Jl. TP Polem No. 98
    Banda Aceh
    Heppy Dharmawan
    PT. Pyridam Farma Tbk
    d/a PT. Antarmitra Sembada
    Jl. Sri Belutu No. 28 Kecamatan Medan Baru, Medan
    Helmy Djamhuri
    (061)453 2911
    PT. Pyridam Farma Tbk
    d/a PT. Antar Mitra Sembada
    Jl. Dahlia No. 40 Pekanbaru
    Kahrul Novly Siregar
    Sumatra Barat
    PT. Pyridam Farma Tbk
    d/a PT. Sawah Besar Farma
    Jl. Situjuh No. 18 Padang - 25129
    Adrian Eka Putra
    Sumatra Selatan
    PT. Pyridam Farma Tbk
    d/a PT. Sawah Besar Farma
    Jl. Inspektur Marzuki No. 229 RT. 04/01 Lorok Pakjo Kel. Siring Agung
    Kec. Ilir Brt.1 Palembang - 30138
    Nardo Setyo Utomo
    PT. Pyridam Farma Tbk
    d/a PT. Antarmitra Sembada
    Jl. Dr. Harun II No. 103 Kota Baru Tj. karang Timur
    Bandar Lampung - 35121
    Freddy K.P. Amara
    Jawa Barat
    PT. Pyridam Farma Tbk
    d/a PT. Antarmitra Sembada
    Jl. LMU Nurtanio No. 85 Bandung
    Myeki Mithawardana
    Jawa Tengah
    PT. Pyridam Farma Tbk
    Jl. Puri Anjasmoro Blok O-1/10 Semarang
    Budi Harianto
    PT. Pyridam Farma Tbk
    d/a PT. Antarmitra Sembada
    Jl. Basuki Rahmat No. 72 (Depan SD Jajar) Solo
    Ryadi Budi Prastyo
    PT. pyridam Farma Tbk
    d/a PT. Antarmitra Sembada
    Perumahan Purwosari Indah Jl. Gunung Slamet VII/94 Purwokerto

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